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Do you remember when...

Just as Paul did, you notice people like Timothy, Titus and Priscilla among the members of your congregation. You can sense that Jesus is guiding them towards church leadership. And yet, it's clear to you that they need to sharpen their skills, such as gaining a deeper understanding of the Bible and a broader perspective on key church teachings.

That's exactly what we do at the Church Leadership Center. We offer an opportunity for you to partner with us in training these leaders of our community - while STAYING invested with your church - no need to go away for training!

Our next  leadership training cohort will begin in the fall of 2023.
We invite you to partner with us. Together, we can make a difference and prepare these young individuals to effectively lead in the church and beyond.


Certified training based on developing competencies.

Our CLC approach is to nurture the essential competencies for general Christian leadership, and not to focus on broader and more varied individualized skill sets that are often needed in specific ministry leadership roles. We do not discount these things but focus our ministry investments on the central teachings generally needed at the heart of all ministry leadership in the Christian church.
Instructor: Matrity of faith
Instructor: Integrity and call
Instructor: Old and New Testament Understanding
Instructor: Theology and tradition
Instructor: Church History
Instructor: Sacraments
Instructor: Ability to Preach
Instructor: Capability to minister
Instructor: Ethics and practices

9 competencies


Transfer CLC credits to partnering University or Seminary

Participants who earn a Certificate of Completion will earn 15 graduate credits to attend an Associate Seminary or 30 credits to complete a Bachelor's degree at a regionally accredited Christian University.
Instructor: WTS
Instructor: GCU

2 Higher Eduction Partners


Our next cohort of leadership training begins the FALL OF 2023.

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