Maturity of Faith


Demonstrate a mature personal faith in the Triune God

  • express an abiding and growing faith in, and love for Jesus Christ
  • demonstrate an appropriate awareness of and sensitivity to the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit in Scripture, in the Christian community, and in personal experience
  • give appropriate evidence of: an enduring trust in God’s providence; a whole-hearted commitment to obeying God’s revealed will; an awareness of sinfulness and a deep reliance upon God’s grace; a grateful life of love and service, and a confident hope in God’s gracious purposes for this world
  • demonstrate a life of prayer, a healthy relationship to God and other persons, and involvement in small groups and congregational life
  • exhibit a spiritual maturity that is witnessed in a Christ-like life, self-awareness, humility and openness to correction, a sensitivity and care for other people, and an understanding and practice of discipleship
  • show evidence of ordination as an Elder or else both the recognized gifts required of an Elder and an indication of the intent to be ordained by a congregation as an Elder

Normally, the classis shall satisfy itself regarding this competency either at admission to the commissioned pastor process, or else early on in the training process that leads to commissioning.