of Church Leadership Center

Our certified training ministry is based on the biblical teachings that some are called by God to ministry leadership, and that these individuals need to be equipped with at least basic competencies to engage in such ministry leadership. Church Leadership Center training focuses on the basics that are necessary for all who seek to lead God’s people, providing short but clear courses in:

  • Bible knowledge and understanding, so that God’s redemptive work in our world is clearly understood
  • Church history overviews that help students gain a better understanding of how Jesus’ people have traveled through cultures and circumstances, and have articulated the central elements of Christian faith in a changing world
  • Theology, which takes the many elements of biblical teachings, and organizes them into a more comprehensive and integrated portrait of God’s work among us, and the flow of salvation that pulls us along in God’s grace
  • “Standards,” “Confessions” or "Doctrinal Statements" of the church, by which various families or denominations of Jesus’ people have summarized the most crucial elements of Christian faith and practices that they hold as non-negotiables at the center of their communities

Along with these foundational courses, other CLC courses assist in honing skills for life-long learning, worship direction and general practices of organizational leadership.

Our CLC approach is to nurture the essential competencies for general Christian leadership, and not to focus on broader and more varied individualized skill sets that are often needed in specific ministry leadership roles. We do not discount these things but focus our ministry investments on the central teachings generally needed at the heart of all ministry leadership in the Christian church.