Our Mission

Help churches and individuals deepen competencies and broaden the number of leaders who will build up the Body of Christ and lead many to faith in the mission of Jesus.

The Christian Leadership Center is a community of lifelong learners who are growing in their abilities to demonstrate integrity of character, biblical knowledge, theological competencies, and quality pastoral and leadership skills for effective ministry.

Participants are involved in ministerial vocations, volunteering, lifelong learning, and ministerial experiences that contribute to the preparation of pastoral and lay leaders for certification. The CLC has developed its core program based on the following concepts in the order in which they are presented:

  • Doing

    Minister in the Church and in Business

  • Being

    Become Imago Dei in person and in practice

  • Knowing

    Develop a central theological foundation



  • Online courses
  • Videoconferences
  • One-on-one personal meetings by Zoom
  • Mentoring
  • Small groups
  • Online resources


  • Focused on the mission
  • With a guided facilitator / Trainer model
  • It is competency oriented


  • Christian Living Program (CLP)
  • Ministerial Leadership Program (MLP)
  • Specialized Ministry Program (SMP)

Our Programs

CLC focuses on three equipping pathways that allow students to grow at their own pace and pursue higher levels of training according to their unique vocation or interest. Our program offers transfer credits to partner universities and seminaries.

Christian Living Program (CLP)

CLP courses are four-week introductory and core courses designed to engage a student, foster lifelong learning, and prepare them to study at a higher level with our facilitated core programs such as MLP. These are personal enrichment courses available to the local church or market community that are affordable.

Ministry Leadership Program (MLP)

Our approach to leadership development is based on the premise that the best way to increase the impact of churches is to increase the effectiveness and capabilities of their leaders. A student may earn a Certificate of Completion and complete all ten courses, a student may earn 15 graduate credits to attend an Associate Seminary or 30 credits to complete a Bachelor's degree at a regionally accredited Christian University.

Specialized Ministry Program (SMP)

Most of what we do is customized for the church or local organizations, our leadership development work specializes in your needs and the goals of your church or organization. We provide short specialized courses, typically 4 weeks in length, on a number of topics such as evangelism, media management, worship leadership, children and youth ministry, church planting, etc.

Courses & Competences

We provide an in-person and online community with a "high touch" and "technology friendly" approach to ministerial education for church leaders.

Show mature personal faith in the Triune God.

If you want to participate in some of our programs

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