Certified training

Specialized Ministry Program

Short specialized courses on a number of topics such as evangelism, media management, worship leadership, children and youth ministry, church planting, etc.

Available Certification Programs

Additional certifications are actively being created to serve you. We will post them here as they become available. Have a suggestion? Let us know!

Church Planter Certification

We use proven training practices, including individualized training plans, local mentors and online facilitated courses led by expert trainers. These processes result in trained and certified church planters that are deployed into missional settings that are supported by parent churches.

Preaching Elder Certification

Gain knowledge and insights for preaching, teaching and leadership. We will provide short, targeted courses that will build your competencies and increase your knowledge and resources for preaching.

Ministry with Victims of Trauma Certification (Coming Soon!)

Learn to recognize trauma and its various forms both within and outside of religious communities, develop theological responses to trauma, while also learning and practicing effective pastoral responses to trauma survivors.