Navigate Towards a Purposeful Future

God has a unique future for your congregation. The first step in discerning this is to take our FREE Church Lifecycle Assessment.

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L3 Discernment Gatherings

  • Listening to the Voice of God
  • Listening to the Voice of the Congregation
  • Listening to the Voice of the Leadership

Take the next step toward church renewal with our L3 Discernment Gatherings. Recognizing your church's strengths, we guide you towards a purposeful future in alignment with God's vision. Join us on this thoughtful journey of transformation.

Strenghts and Focus

Explore the unique attributes and capabilities within your congregation to uncover its inherent strengths and current areas of emphasis.

Present View

Offer your congregation an honest look at where it is at right right now in order to prepare a way for a more purposeful journey together.

Future Focus

Explore the future focus of your congregation as members collectively determine where they believe the community should concentrate its efforts in the next 12-36 months, uniting the congregation in shared goals and aspirations.


Uncover the places where your congregation discovers joy—explore the elements that bring delight and fulfillment to the congregation

Next Steps

During a follow-up meeting, we will discuss the upcoming actions and outline the strategies for progressing towards the renovation goals.

What happens at a L3 Discernment Gathering?


A guided Process

Church Leadership Center provides a trained coach to walk with the congregation through the entire discernment process.

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What others have said out these L3 discerning gathering.

BILL WHITT Lead Pastor | Cascade Fellowship

Pastor Larry helped us sharpen our church's mission and vision statements -- making them more specific to our particular congregation and our particular calling in our unique context. Read More

DEREK ELMI-BUURSMA Lead Pastor | Loop Church

Larry took a genuine interest in our church and helped jumpstart the conversation discerning God's hope-filled future for our community. Larry provided an important structure and helpful frameworks that gave us a starting place in our prayers & conversations regarding next steps. Read More

JIM KIRK Lead Pastor | Geneva Campus Church

The congregational retreat that Larry facilitated for us was just what we needed to prayerfully reflect on our history and calling in this season as a church. Read More

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