RCA Preaching Elder

certified training of church leadership center

You are an elder, recognized by your congregation for your leadership heart. You are a student of scripture, seeking daily to know better God’s will for you and your people and the world. And you have recognized skills in communication, allowing you to speak with wisdom into others’ lives.

So you are called by God and by Jesus’ church to preach and teach, shaping the spiritual identity of your congregation. It is a joyful, daunting task!

We at CLC can make the process of gaining competencies and preparing for credentialing smoother and more focused. We will write a training plan with you, to assist you in gaining additional knowledge and insights for preaching, teaching and leadership. We will provide short, targeted courses that will build your competencies and increase your knowledge and resources for preaching. We will partner you with a mentor who will share wisdom from years of ministry experience and pray with you as you ask questions and seek guidance.

By the time our journey together is complete, you will be ready for credentialing, as those around you affirm your leadership gifts and role.

Apply today, and we will begin this new and exciting chapter with you.