Workshops and Retreats

CLC workshops and retreats are targeted toward adult learning for the growth and service of group leaders and apprentices. They are also helpful for church boards and teams to take as a group. Information about planning a retreat or workshop is provided at the end of this list.

Planning and Visioning Retreat: Leaders are called to continually articulate the vision or a church or ministry. This is a retreat that takes place over 2 half days, typically Friday night and Saturday morning. Participants are guided in identifying strengths of their church and action steps to build on these strengths. Orientation is provided for developing SMART goals and ensuring accountability for accomplishing of these. Resources are introduced to establishing a leadership culture.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills: Coaching and mentoring are defined and demonstrated. Comparison and contrast is made between the two. Coaching and mentoring questions are provide and application is discussed.

Conflict Resolution: The process of personal conflict resolution identified and described. Application is also made to group conflict. Scriptural passages and principles are explored as they relate to peace making.

Discipleship: Based upon resources such as Discipleship Essentials, The Cost of Discipleship, and The Master Plan for Evangelism. This workshop defines discipleship, identifies key scripture passages, and representative models. Participants identify the approach to discipleship that best fits their personality, gifts, and abilities.

 Deacon Training: The role of Deacons is defined and described. Examples are given of effective diaconal ministries. Application is made to the context and mission of participants’ churches so that the work of deacons is aligned with the mission and vision of their congregations.

Elder Training: The role of Elders is defined and described. Examples are provided of the work of Elders as spiritual overseers. Application is made to the context and mission of participants’ churches so that the work of elders is aligned with the mission, vision, work of the ministry staff, and mission and vision of their congregations.

Meeting Management and Planning: This workshop provides tools for team meeting preparation, conducting effective meetings, and meeting follow-up. Examples are provided of several types of meeting. Planning resources sheets are distributed and explained for dealing with more complex planning processes.

Outreach Options: A missional approach is identified for assisting church teams with providing leadership for assisting church members in serving as “sent ones” to their communities. Terms are defined such as “missional,” and “incarnation,” “evangel.” Participants learn how to tell the story of their faith journeys.

Managing Congregational Change: How to lead a church into a healthy future through leadership development (overview of leadership development options), outward focus (overview of missional approaches), and greater diversity (overview of multi-ethnic options).

Details for Planning a Retreat or Workshop

Meetings: Most of these brief learning experiences can be adjusted to fit time periods between 2 and 8 hours. These typically meet between one and three times and most may be structured as a workshop or retreat.

Delivery: Small and large groups, phone and internet conferencing, or guided study

Cost: Cost determined by number of participants and length of workshop. Payment may be made by credit on CLC web site.

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