Royalty, Baby!

Written by Burt Braunius /
April 15, 2014

With tongue-in-cheek respect for British royalty and the media frenzy over a highly-anticipated new arrival to the aristocracy, you are invited to listen to the classic “I’m Henry VIII” by clicking here.

In contrast, every follower of the Carpenter-King Jesus is a member of God’s royal family (1 Peter 2:9).

Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you are; every believer is involved in the King’s work. Each individual has a calling and a purpose…whether in the valley or on the mountain…whether in sunshine or rain…whether it is recognized by others or not. Each has office, responsibility, status, and title. Each is called to be a servant-leader.

A devotional of Charles Spurgeon (Morning and Evening, June 3) picks up on a reference to humble potters in 1 Chronicles 4:23: “They were the potters…they stayed there and worked for the king.”

“Potters were not the very highest grade of workers, but ‘the king’ needed potters, and therefore they were in royal service, although the material upon which they worked was nothing but clay. We, too, may be engaged in the most menial part of the Lord’s work, but it is a great privilege to do anything for ‘the King,’ and therefore we will abide in our calling…

“They [the potters] may have desired to live in the city amid its life, society, and refinement, but they kept their appointed places, for they also were doing the king’s work. The place of our habitation is fixed, and we are not to remove from it out of whim and caprice, but seek to serve the Lord in it, by being a blessing to those among whom we reside.

“These potters and gardeners had royal company, for they dwelt ‘with the king’… No lawful place, or gracious occupation, however mean, can debar us from communion with our divine Lord. In visiting hovels, swarming lodging-houses, workhouses, or jails, we may go with the King.

“In all works of faith we may count upon Jesus’ fellowship. It is when we are in His work that we may reckon upon His smile. You unknown workers who are occupied for your Lord amid the dirt and wretchedness of the lowest of the low, be of good cheer, for jewels have been found upon dunghills, …earthen pots have been filled with heavenly treasure, and ill weeds have been transformed into precious flowers. Dwell with the King for His work, and when He writes His chronicles your name shall be recorded.”

Church Leadership Center equips lay leaders to serve where they are and according to God’s calling of them, often in background positions, rarely receiving ecclesiastical recognition, yet they are ROYALTY.

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