Leadership Courses

These courses for those with ministry calling and responsibilities. Readings and written assignments are required. Designed for church staff and high commitment volunteer continuing education and commissioned pastor candidates. See registration details at end of course list.

Spiritual Formation: This course, through selected readings and directed spiritual exercises, introduces the spiritual disciplines and the formation of Christian character. Participants are guided in reading Scripture for personal application, being attentive in prayer, and co-operating with the Holy Spirit in the process of sanctification as these relate to life and ministry.

Old Testament: This course surveys the Old Testament, including reflections on the nature of salvation history, the origins of the Bible, and the character of biblical literature. The messages of the books of the Bible are considered in terms of their authorship, literary genres, historical contexts, and connection to God’s covenant with his people.

New Testament: This course surveys the New Testament, looking first at the historical transition of “Israel” into “Judaism,” the world at the time of Jesus, his message and meaning, and then surveying the other documents of the New Testament. Participants upload assignments to e-portfolios to provide evidence of biblical competency.

Church History: A working knowledge of church history helps connect participants with the whole church, including fathers and mothers in the faith. It enables appreciation and ability to articulate Christian truth for the current times. It keeps from foolish pride that takes credit for what was known by others in the past and it helps avoid repeating past mistakes.

RCA History and Missions: This mini-class of three sessions is about more than a history lesson. It is about the legacy of faithfulness and struggle inherited by the Reformed Church and her ministries. The design of the class is simple- to appreciate the stories of the Reformed Church in America, to see how those stories have shaped our present and how they can inform the ministry of our churches/ organizations today.

Theology 1: Theology is the study of the nature of God and of religious things. Theology 1 provides an overview of the topics of theology, Reformed theology, Scripture, and God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Reading, writing assignments, and group discussions will be organized around Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology.

Theology 2: Theology is the study of the nature of God and of religious things. Theology 2 is a continuation of Theology 1 and provides an overview of the topics of the doctrine of salvation, the doctrine of humankind, the application of the work of the Holy Spirit, sacraments, church, and last things.

Standards and Government: A survey of the Constitution of the Reformed Church in America in the areas of church government and theological standards (creeds and confessions). Participants will demonstrate a functional understanding and adherence to the government and Standards of the Reformed Church in America. Included creeds and confessions are Apostles’ Creed, Nicene, Creed, Athanasian Creed, Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Catechism, Canons of Dort, and Belhar Confession.

Sacraments and Liturgy: A theological and functional study of the nature and administration of the sacraments and the application of liturgy that is theologically Reformed and contextually relevant. Focus is on distinctive elements of the Reformed theological tradition regarding theology and administration of sacraments, having a commitment to an appropriately Reformed practice of infant and adult baptism and the Lord’s Supper; and understanding the place and significance of worship.

Leadership and Ministry: The course provides an overview of leadership and ministry, biblical teachings on leadership, examples from Scripture pointing to leadership practices, and the New Testament call for leadership in the Church. Specific topics include: leading the faith community, calling and equipping, and accountable relationships.

Preaching: Central to all Christian ministry is the discipline of proclamation, the missional declaration of the Word of God in both congregational and outreach contexts.  The course provides an overview of preparations for preaching, biblical exegesis, examples of different preaching styles, and exercises for practicing the disciplines of preaching.

Pastoral Care: From New Testament beginnings “pastors” were uniquely gifted elders in congregations, functioning in the powerful tradition of shepherds who led and cared for human flocks, and taking their ecclesiastical cue from Jesus, who declared himself to the Good Shepherd. The course provides an overview of pastoral responsibilities and disciplines.

Additional Courses on Request: Worship, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Other…

Course Meetings: Course times and  dates are discussed with participants to determine the best meeting times for everyone. Work load: 5 CEUs (50 hours), meeting 5 times (2 hour periods) or 10 times (1 hour periods).

 Delivery: Small groups, phone and internet conferencing, or guided study.

Cost: $300 per person. Payment may be made by credit on CLC web site.

For more information contact Mark Veldt: veldtmark@gmail.com

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