Commissioned Pastors Defined

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Commissioned Pastors are individuals who have demonstrated spiritual giftedness and church leadership. Their calling and competencies have been confirmed so that they are credentialed as pastoral leaders in churches and church-related ministries.

Commissioned Pastors serve in positions such as worship leaders, youth pastors, church planters, ministers of congregational care, lead pastors, directors of discipleship, bi-vocational pastors who lead smaller churches, outreach coordinators and others.

They are appointed to their positions by a classis after demonstrating competency in areas that include:

  • Maturity of faith and personal integrity
  • Understanding of Old and New Testaments and biblical interpretation
  • Reformed theology
  • Church history
  • Church Government, Standards, and Liturgy
  • Ability to preach, teach, and administer the sacraments
  • Organizational leadership in the church
  • Pastoral ethics and practices.

Upon commissioning, these pastors are supervised by their classes (regional groups of churches) for specific ministries within the classis that includes the preaching of the Word and the celebration of the sacraments. A personalized training plan is created that builds on each candidate’s education and experience and enhances competencies that need strengthening. Church Leadership Center has been authorized by the Reformed Church in America (RCA) and the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRC) to provide training and oversee Commissioned Pastor candidates.

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