How to Parent a New Church

This course is intended for parent church pastors and leaders who may be exploring a church-planting or multiplication project. It is designed to help the potential parent church be effective in its role of parenting a new church.

Ministry Experience for Church Planting

This course is intended for those who may be exploring a path of church planting or multiplication and want hands-on experience in church planting practice and function.  Each person is connected to a church plant for specific experience, mentoring and learning.

Relational Evangelism

This course helps the church planter and core team members be trained in the essentials of evangelism.  It provides tools for communicating the gospel, which are easy to understand and apply.  Participants also learn how to utilize networks of friendship and community to communicate the gospel.

Team Building and Systems

Understanding and raising the giftedness of the people and putting into place systems and processes that prepare the church plant for ministry effectiveness are just some of the essentials of this course.

Disciple-Making and Multiplication

As disciple-making and multiplication are at the heart of the gospel, this course helps the planter craft a strategy and process to weave disciple-making and multiplication into the very fabric of the church plant.

Resourcing the Church Plant

This course helps the planter raise resources for the church plant and also structure the plant for doing more with less. The biblical foundations for raising resources are identified, and practical assignments are given to lead the planter to begin to resource their plant.

Missional Engagement and Vision

This course helps church planters identify and understand the people group they are called to reach and engage, while helping them develop a strategy to cast a vision for reaching that group. Each participant is challenged to lead into this vision with bold faith and values that reflect both the heart of the gospel and of the planter.

Missional Engagement

This course will demonstrate how to approach one’s surrounding context with the same love and attitude that was manifest in Jesus. Candidates will deepen their commitment and ability to bring about God’s redemption in the world by working to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, meet physical needs, as well as working for reconciliation and justice. Emphasis will be placed …

Sacraments and Liturgy

A theological and functional study of the sacraments and liturgy of the Reformed Church in America. Participants demonstrate understanding and skill for the administration of the sacraments, and an understanding and application of liturgy that is theologically Reformed and contextually relevant. This includes showing knowledge of distinctive elements of the Reformed theological tradition regarding theology and administration of sacraments, having a commitment to …

Resourcing the Church Plant

This ten week course (5 sessions for two hours each) offers an environment of learning from one another and how-to approaches for resourcing additional funds for the church plant.  At the same time the course will address practical ideas for doing more with less in the church plant.  How do I approach donors and people of means to ask for …