3 Ways To Become A Healthier Church Leader Right Now

3 Ways To Become A Healthier Church Leader Right Now

Written by Justin Heap /
June 27, 2022

If you spend any amount of time in a rhythm of Church Leadership, your calendar is probably full of meetings, your whiteboard is full of strategies, and your cup of inspiration is likely running empty —you are busy. In fact, “rhythms” are often replaced by unending weeks of simply reacting. Sound at all familiar?

The nature of Church Culture and Leadership, like any other area of influence certainly has seasons of demand; but most of us strive for a balance precisely because the norm has shifted toward imbalance. We dream of multi-sites while multi-tasking. But, this norm is not sustainable. What if there were a few things you could do right now to become a healthier Church Leader? to restore balance, simplicity, and health to your life’s rhythm as a Church Leader?

1. Stop And Wonder About Something

We hear this all the time: Be still. Rest. Take a sabbath. But, we can’t seem to grasp stillness as habit. Mother Teresa said, “In the silence of the heart, God speaks.” What if you just took fifteen minutes to stop. Stop scrolling, swiping, and typing. Stop talking, copying, and pasting. Let this be your permission to stop.

But, stopping is not the end, it is the means. Stopping is what allows us to start something. So, stop and start to wonder. Ask yourself this one question and experience something new: “What is worth taking notice of right now?” That is, what do you observe through stopping that causes you to wonder?

The reality is that all of life is profound: dare yourself to believe it, and then stop and wonder at it.

2. Write Something Beautiful

We are becoming increasingly good at taking Instagram-worthy photos on our phones, choosing the perfect emoji, and downloading the latest Podcast or ebook: but I am convinced we are in need of time spent with ink and paper: tactile, natural, raw experiences. Specifically, there is power in writing something beautiful now. And, every single day.

“Something beautiful” can be a single, well-selected word or it can be a note of encouragement; occasionally, it could be a brilliant sentence of revelation or a string of words that represent your dream for a city, people, or community: but don’t hold back. Grab a piece of paper, 3×5 card, or a napkin from the coffee shop as you rummage through your bag or purse trying to find a pen. And write. Watch the ink move across the page. Feel the sense of permanence when you make a mistake and can’t backspace. It’s okay. Let this practice move you from a non-stop fast pace into a sacred, slow, and healthier place right now.

3. Give Something Away

Our calendars and whiteboards are not the only thing needing space. Generosity is a surrendering practice that helps us create space within our lives and faith on our journey. As leaders, we have an incredible opportunity be both examples and protectors of this healthy practice. When we empower our staff and volunteers to live generously, we will graciously give them time, margin, and resources to be healthy, themselves.

This is a practice we can jump into right now. It may be as simple as a gift card you’ve been hanging to, or a book on your shelf to give away —but start by giving something away. Kyle Lake understood that “Life is most definitely a gift,” and that is precisely the sort of view that leads to healthy spirituality and is indicative of healthy Church Leaders.

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