Late Aging

Thank you for completing the assessment. You've made a crucial move in acknowledging your situation. Your insights suggest that your church is probably in the Late Aging stage of its life cycle. Given these results, we encourage you to:

Late Aging is the season when despair sets in. There is no hope of recovering the past and there seems to be no path to a hope-filled future. In this season management is in control of the church. Restoring old Programs are the focus rather than seeking new vision. This is a season of where radical change is needed—but resisted. Leaders need wise discernment in this moment to stop listening to the NoNos.
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Laura Stephens-Reed gives wisdom in dealing with NoNos. Also, Luminex Group produced a Whiteboard Wednesday video that helps us see where people may try to sabotage change efforts.
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The late aging part of the lifecycle is a time when leaders feel overwhelmed and often on the edge of burn out. Join Tod Bolsinger at a Church Now Conversation as he speaks about resilience in leadership.
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Late Aging Deep Dive
Take a deeper dive into your Late Aging/Retirement phase and see what's coming by working through George Bullard's "The Lifecycle and Stages of Congregational Development." Bullard points out how congregations identify important changes in Late Aging congregations; he also reveals realities you need to know.
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Testimonials from Church Leaders

Churches that have partnered with CLC in taking steps toward a brighter future. Read these testimonials of positive change and hope.

BILL WHITT Lead Pastor | Cascade Fellowship

Pastor Larry helped us sharpen our church's mission and vision statements -- making them more specific to our particular congregation and our particular calling in our unique context. Read More

DEREK ELMI-BUURSMA Lead Pastor | Loop Church

Larry took a genuine interest in our church and helped jumpstart the conversation discerning God's hope-filled future for our community. Larry provided an important structure and helpful frameworks that gave us a starting place in our prayers & conversations regarding next steps. Read More

JIM KIRK Lead Pastor | Geneva Campus Church

The congregational retreat that Larry facilitated for us was just what we needed to prayerfully reflect on our history and calling in this season as a church. Read More

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