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for taking the L3 Discernment Survery for your church!

NOTE TO LARRY: here is where we can encourage each congregant who takes the L3 Discernment survey to consider THIER "fresh future" by either joining an upcoming learning community, engaging in our content strategy, or other offerings.

The goal: keep congregants engaged with CLC!
Let's think this through.

Ministry training for someone just like YOU!

Now is a great time to get out of the church pew (or seat) and into ministry training that makes sense for you! Church Leadership Center provides a high-touch and technology-friendly approach to ministerial education for emerging church leaders.

Train at a pace that works for you

We combine Zoom and online learning tools to better align with your busy schedule. We understand the value of your family time, that is why our Zoom sessions are short and the balance of course work can be completed around your schedule.

Study from the comfort of your home

We have made it possible for you to receive training from where you live. CLC participants stay rooted in their local church yet are able to interact and learn from fellow students from around the country.

A personal mentor as you are training

We intentionally connect you and your pastor/church leader who will walk with you through the entire CLC training experience. You won’t do this alone!

Financially Possible

Paying for education can get expensive quick! Not with CLC. Due to generous funding and partnerships with local churches you can go through our certified training experience at a fraction of higher education cost!

Seminary Credits

Participants who earn a Certificate of Completion will earn 15 graduate credits to attend an Associate Seminary or 30 credits to complete a Bachelor's degree at a regionally accredited Christian University.