ECO Commissioned Lay Pastor

certified training of church leadership center

Serving your congregation as a pastor is both exciting and daunting. In what other role can you share so many people's joys at births and marriages and the special successes of life? What other work takes you as deep into care and faith as when you struggle with them against illnesses and tragedies, and walk with them through times of great loss and death? And in which other job do you have the place and presence to shape faith and identity from week to week through preaching and teaching and leading God's people in worship? Yet gaining the competencies to make your ministry all that it can and should be is deeply challenging.

We at CLC know this well, since all of us are involved in hands-on ministry, and have taken steps to hone our skills and increase our leadership capacities. So we know the hurdles to jump and the knowledge that has to be gleaned, and we are ready, willing and able to assist you in your own path toward richer service. What we provide is a set of core courses that will focus and enrich your theology, mentored guidance that will provide you with resources for ministry leadership, and a training path that will equip you with increased competencies in the work God has called you to. We have been endorsed by the ECO-Presbyterian denominational leadership team as the best training process for Commissioned Lay Pastors.

We look forward to working with you as you take next steps in your calling and preparation for further ministry leadership.