Children's Ministry

certified training of church leadership center

At Church Leadership Center, our mission is to equip leaders to build up the body of Christ and bring many to faith in the mission of Jesus.

Bringing many to faith not only means those outside the church who have not yet heard the gospel, but, just as importantly, those precious souls God has entrusted us to raise in the church. The little ones sitting right at your feet are too important not to pour into. A 2016 study by the Barna Group revealed a shocking future for the church:

"Nearly six in ten (59%) young people who grow up in Christian churches end up walking away, mirroring a larger cultural trend away from churchgoing in America. When asked what has helped their faith grow, “church” does not make even the top 10 factors."

The time is now. Training our children to know and love Jesus and teaching them to share that with the world must be one of our top priorities. Is your church doing everything it possibly can for your children, and the future of the church?

This drives CLC to a new facet of leadership training. We're proud to be laying the groundwork for Children's Ministry Certification.  In under one year, leaders serving in children’s ministry can receive training that will help them to bring their ministry to children to a whole new level, all while growing in their own leadership ability.