An Introduction to Counseling and Care

In this introductory course, students explore giving counsel and offering care as ministers of Word and sacrament. They develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of pastoral care and acquire basic skills required for giving counsel and offering care. Numerous pastoral themes are addressed in lectures, learning labs, and small group interaction. Students will be encouraged to develop their own …

Seminar on the Pastor as Person

This seminar explores the ways in which a minister’s life history, spiritual growth, and vocation intersect and shape his/her personal and professional identity. Students will reflect on their own psychological and spiritual development and their opportunities for personal growth. They will develop their own particular plans for self-care. Students must either have completed or be concurrently registered for CM115. 2 …

Introduction to Preaching

First-year students explore and grasp a biblical and Reformed vision of preaching. Includes a sermon preparation workshop and a “lab” in which written and preached sermons are carefully analyzed by faculty and peers. Significant homiletical concerns are presented, discussed, clarified, and applied to the task of preaching. 3 credits.

Systematic Theology I

This theology course explores the doctrine of God, the doctrine of Christ, and the doctrine of humanity. These three big headings include many other matters of theological importance, including Trinity doctrine, divine attributes, providence, atonement, resurrection, sin, and the image of God. Readings will range from early church to contemporary sources. Prerequisite: TF104.

Introduction to Theology and Worship

This introductory course combines concerns that would usually be considered separately in courses in theology and worship, as a reflection of the deeply held Reformed and ecumenical conviction, lex orandi, lex credendi. Holding these two basic realities together, we will seek to deepen our understanding of the core aspects of the Christian faith, explore how theology and worship both shape …

Church History (1536-Present)

A study of the history of the church and its missionary expansion from 1536 to the present. Attention given to the American church and to the student’s denominational heritage and the ways its life and faith have been shaped by its various contexts, experiences, forms of worship, proclamation, discipleships, and governance.

Old Testament Life and Witness

An introduction to the content, history, and theological dynamism of the Old Testament. Emphasis is placed upon the significance of the altar, tabernacle, and temple for Israel’s experience of God.

New Testament Life and Witness

An introduction to the content, history, and theological dynamism of the writings of the New Testament. Emphasis is placed upon missiological interactions among gospel, culture, and tradition in the New Testament writings as the foundation for the church’s witness.