God's Big Story Cohort

Discover "God's Big Story" Cohort with the Church Leadership Center and CRC's Thriving Churches Grant – a transformative journey into the profound narrative of creation, fall, redemption, and recreation.


All people and communities live out of a story.

Followers of Jesus long to live out of God’s Big Story of creation, fall, redemption, and recreation. This cohort explores God’s Big Story as it flows from the Old and New Testament. The cohort explores the story with a missional focus and a focus on applying what is learned in the context of the congregation and local community.

Through a rhythm of class and cohort conversations you will experience the many colorful ways God’s story impacts everyday life. Those who participate in the cohort also have the opportunity to continue with future cohorts that focus on the Church’s Story (church history), the Church’s Beliefs (creeds and confessions) etc.

Big Story Cohort Details

The Church Leadership Center, in collaboration with the CRC's Thriving Churches Grant, is delighted to introduce the "God's Big Story" Cohort.

This comprehensive program consists of two 16-week sessions, one dedicated to the Old Testament and the other to the New Testament, with a 4-6 week break between sessions. The cohort begins in mid-September with a focus on essentials and continues through mid-May.

Main (teaching) Cohort participants learn via a live zoom teaching/conversation every other week. On the opposite weeks they teach their larger church cohort what they’ve learned and together decide how to apply that learning in their local context. Those in the main (teaching) cohort will be given a summary to use to teach the larger cohort group.

During the bi-weekly gatherings, the main cohort participants engage in meaningful conversations, strategizing how to effectively implement their learning within their church and local community.

Each church cohort is fortunate to have a dedicated mentor/coach guiding and supporting their journey.

Participation in the cohort is priced at $300 per main (teaching) cohort participant.

Led by the Church Leadership Center, this cohort not only enriches participants' understanding and practice but also serves as a valuable credits toward Higher Education Degrees.

Our next Big Story Cohort begins the FALL OF 2023.

Here’s a truth about stories: stories mold and shape us. Author Jonathan Gotshall reminds us the more deeply we are cast under a story’s spell, the more potent its influence.

Imagine not only learning The Story but exploring ways to live it out!

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