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New Testament

AN INTRODUCTION All humans are religious, but we are not all religious in the same way. For some, “religion” stands in opposition to “reason,” and anything not measurable by science is either misleading or irrelevant. For others, the powers of life displayed throughout our world, coupled with the changes that take place over time, lead them to find meaning and …

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Fighting Echo Chambers – The Hard Work of Theology

Fighting Echo Chambers – The Hard Work of Theology I have been a CLC facilitator for about three years. With few exceptions, I have led a course in every term. Some of you reading this may still be recovering from the experience. Most recently, I wrapped up Theology 1 + 2. My introductory e-mail included the phrase, “This class will …

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Harriet Rieck

I am called to preach, to do prayer ministry, and pastoral care. I am very evangelistic, and I have a passion for promoting “there is always more” of God. I have a heart for people in general, and for the discipling and spiritual formation of believers. I came from a non-Christian family, although I was baptized as an infant in …

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Gonzalo Venegas

UPDATE: Gonzalo recently finished training with CLC and  is now a Commissioned Pastor! Well done. Date: March 2017 Pastoral candidate Gonzalo Venegas was recently admitted for training by an area group of church representatives. He is being discipled by Jose Duran, who is himself a Commissioned Pastor candidate and the church planter of La Casa De Mi Padre Church, Holland, …

How to Parent a New Church

This course is intended for parent church pastors and leaders who may be exploring a church-planting or multiplication project. It is designed to help the potential parent church be effective in its role of parenting a new church.

Ministry Experience for Church Planting

This course is intended for those who may be exploring a path of church planting or multiplication and want hands-on experience in church planting practice and function.  Each person is connected to a church plant for specific experience, mentoring and learning.

Relational Evangelism

This course helps the church planter and core team members be trained in the essentials of evangelism.  It provides tools for communicating the gospel, which are easy to understand and apply.  Participants also learn how to utilize networks of friendship and community to communicate the gospel.

Team Building and Systems

Understanding and raising the giftedness of the people and putting into place systems and processes that prepare the church plant for ministry effectiveness are just some of the essentials of this course.

Disciple-Making and Multiplication

As disciple-making and multiplication are at the heart of the gospel, this course helps the planter craft a strategy and process to weave disciple-making and multiplication into the very fabric of the church plant.

Resourcing the Church Plant

This course helps the planter raise resources for the church plant and also structure the plant for doing more with less. The biblical foundations for raising resources are identified, and practical assignments are given to lead the planter to begin to resource their plant.