Thank you for completing the assessment. You've made a crucial move in acknowledging your situation. Your insights suggest that your church is probably in the Adulthood-Maturity stage of its life cycle. Given these results, we encourage you to:
Adulthood is the stage when the church is at its prime. Maturity is the stage when the church is beginning to slip. At both stages Vision is the critical factor. As a church moves from Adulthood into Maturity it needs to refresh its present vision or create a new vision for the next chapter.
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Curated Articles
Christianity Today curated articles on vision casting, renewal, and formation to help you think through where your congregation is and where it needs to be.
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Listen to this Audio
Vision and imagination go together. As you live as an adult it is also time to let your childlike imagination out. Join the presenter Keith Doornbos at a Church Now Cafe gathering as he helped nurture a holy imagination.
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Resource 3:

Adulthood-Maturity Deep Dive
Take a deeper dive into your adolescence phase and jump ahead to see what's coming by working through George Bullard's "The Lifecycle and Stages of Congregational Development." Bullard points out how congregations slip from adulthood into maturity; he also reveals realities you need to know.
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Testimonials from Church Leaders

Churches that have partnered with CLC in taking steps toward a brighter future. Read these testimonials of positive change and hope.

BILL WHITT Lead Pastor | Cascade Fellowship

Pastor Larry helped us sharpen our church's mission and vision statements -- making them more specific to our particular congregation and our particular calling in our unique context. Read More

DEREK ELMI-BUURSMA Lead Pastor | Loop Church

Larry took a genuine interest in our church and helped jumpstart the conversation discerning God's hope-filled future for our community. Larry provided an important structure and helpful frameworks that gave us a starting place in our prayers & conversations regarding next steps. Read More

JIM KIRK Lead Pastor | Geneva Campus Church

The congregational retreat that Larry facilitated for us was just what we needed to prayerfully reflect on our history and calling in this season as a church. Read More

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