Troy Stansberry

Meet Commissioned Pastor candidate, Troy Stansberry. He is Director of Music, Worship, and Outreach at Rosewood Reformed Church, Jenison, Michigan.

He reflects on ways in which God has directed his journey saying, “From 1987 until 1999 I went to college and instead of graduating, I began to travel as a musician. I was in several band and was making very good money. I was doing commercials and had been on national TV and was pretty sure I was going to achieve my dream of being of being a full time, well paid musician.”

It was at that time that God broke into his life. He writes, “In Spring of 1999, I had an unbelievable event happen to me and I knew I could not run anymore. God was calling me and I just could not ignore it any longer. March of that year, I came home from playing a nightclub in Chicago and found myself at a little Pentecostal church that my little brother went to…. I gave my heart to the Lord that day and served at that church for 4 years…”

“In 2008, I was working as a youth pastor part time in Albion and the pastor retired and they shut down the youth ministry. I was let go and looking for work… I started looking for a job as a worship leader and God led me to Rosewood. I have really enjoyed my time at Rosewood and the opportunity to grow here in many ways. I believe Pastor Jim has been a great help to me and I believe I have more to offer than my current responsibilities call for, even though I have an active role in men’s ministry and I am currently the head of outreach events also. I am looking forward to see if the commissioned pastor opportunity is the next step in God’s plan for my life…”

As a Commissioned Pastor candidate, Troy has a personalized training plan that was developed by Church Leadership Center. The training plan includes courses in Old Testament and New Testament, Theology, Church History, Preaching, Pastoral Care, Church Government and Standards, and more. Rosewood Lead Pastor Jim Goldschmeding is Troy’s mentor. And the CLC e-portfolio approach provides an archive for filing evidences of ministry competency in preparation for his commissioning.