Training for Ministry Leadership


You feel it, don't you?! Jesus has been nudging you. The Spirit has been whispering in your heart. Our Father has guided you along a path to growth in your Christian faith, and, more recently, deeper commitments of service and leadership in the church's ministries.

But how do you take next steps in further preparing your heart and mind, and deepening your competencies for ministry leadership? Seminary training is not for you, at least not at this time. Yet there is much you need to learn!

We at CLC are able to help you grow in your abilities for church leadership where you are right now. You can stay at your job. You can carry on with your current volunteer leadership opportunities. And, at the same time, you can take short, focused, helpful courses that will deepen your understanding of the Bible, broaden your knowledge of Jesus' work through the centuries in his church, focus your theological reflections on the central elements of our faith, and assist you in gaining new competencies for ministry leadership.

Whatever the current or future role you know you are being called to by Jesus and his people, we at CLC can partner with you to prepare you more fully.

Let's get started today!


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