Christian Living Program (CLP)


CLP courses are four-week introductory and foundational courses designed to engage the interest of a student, encourage life-long learning, and prepare them for study at a higher level with our Facilitated core programs like the MLP. These courses will be self-paced, can be incorporated into Bible study groups as well as Sunday school settings.  These are personal enrichment courses available for the local church or marketplace community that are affordable.

Unique Features of Church Leadership Center Programs

Unique features to the CLC program include approaches taken to coaching, syllabus design, and participant roles.

  • Coaches play a vital role. Students engage in relational connections with their coach to further develop their understanding of the material presented in each course. Coaches are trained to support and ask questions that equip the student live out their calling.

  • Syllabi are written from an adult, non-formal education perspective and are provided to facilitators and candidates as guidelines for study in the various ministerial disciplines. Participants have a training plan framed as a contract, approved by participants and their coaches. Courses are designed to be self- paced with scheduled live online “Zoom” lectures as outlined in the syllabi. Courses vary in length between 4 and 8 weeks in length.

  • Participants have leadership roles in their local churches; either fulltime, part time, or as volunteers. They are lifelong learners who are committed to Christ and the growth of the church, uniquely gifted for the gospel ministry, and focused on the goal of equipping, transforming, and multiplying ministry leaders.

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