CLC Team

Joseph Ocasio


Ralph Schregardus

Vision and Direction

Lismar Rojas

Administrative Assistant

Dr. Wayne Brouwer

Dean of Students

Arturo Rojas

Marketing & Design

Daniel Maat

Marketing & Design

There are three kinds of individuals who give support to CLC participants.

These are Facilitators, Mentors, and Administrators. One person may serve in a combination of these roles and at times the terms may be used interchangeably. For example, it may be helpful to think of several kinds of mentors: supervising mentors, facilitating mentors, and coaching mentors. The distinctions are a matter of degree.

In CLC programs in general, mentors provide for the supervision of a participant’s certification, facilitators coordinate specific courses, coaches provide relational support, and administrators assist with organizational and management issues of the CLC community.

Administrators are the servant-leaders who assist with organizational and management issues of the Church Leadership Center. Roles of administrators include providing general administrative assistance, technology support, course development, program design, financial management, staff training, and co-mentoring one another. Administrators affirm the concepts of Henri Nouwen (1971) in Creative Ministry (Garden City, NY: Doubleday)"Nobody can force the soul of a community. The only possibility open is to create conditions in which the community can freely develop and discover the ways that lead to redemption… (he or she) who wants to bring about change has first of all to learn to be changed by those whom he (or she) wants to help" (p. 81, 82).