The program design of Church Leadership Center is focused on the development of persons who can function with quality pastoral knowledge and skill as a result of a training approach that is based on adult, non-formal education practices, experiential learning, and adult education theory (adult centered learning). Participants bring to gospel ministry their training, life experiences, and involvement in pastoral ministry. The verification of ministry competencies is recorded in Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and participant portfolios.

Here is how we are unique:

Church Leadership Center provides a competency approach to the ministry education of church leaders. General characteristics of the CLC approach include:

  • Personalized Training Plans
  • Mentored Learning
  • Online Resources
  • Church Certification

The educational design includes an adult education approach to ministry-related and competency-oriented courses and learning activities for the development of life-long learners and ministry leaders.

  • Highly relational – supporting participants with facilitators, and mentors
  • Contextually relevant – with personalized training plans to meet participant and church needs and goals
  • Change oriented – a non-formal education approach that is missional, incarnational, and transformational
  • Technology friendly – using e-portfolios, phone conferences, and online resources

Our goals for training leaders are based upon biblical examples such as the following.

  • Jesus sending out the 72 (Luke 10)
  • The choosing of the seven (Acts 6, 8)
  • The Great Commission (Matthew 28)
  • Paul’s training of leaders (Acts 19)