Jeff Elzinga

Jeff Elzinga

How have you seen God at work in your ministry since becoming a commissioned pastor?

I have seen God bring exactly the right resources at the right time to enable our church ministry to function effectively and reach people we wouldn’t have thought of.

How did your commissioned pastor training  prepare you for the work God has you doing today?

The commission pastor training and my mentor helped with polity, basic structures, etc., but my life experiences did much more to shape the ministry God has called me to lead. My coach throughout my training and early ministry was helpful in navigating challenges – probably everyone ought to have a coach in life!

Put out a fleece, watch what God does with it, and ask 100 people to pray for you on a regular basis as you discern God’s call on your life.

Share a story.

There are many stories, so I’ll just pick one where everyone got to see God at work. After 3 years as a new church, we desperately needed classroom space for the kids. Our Sunday school class was being held in a 9’x9’ room, and many ages were group together. But as a new church, we really didn’t have lots of money or builders to draw on, so with the help of a friend who had a passion for helping advance God’s kingdom, we took some pictures and told local business leaders what we wanted to do for the kids – and God moved them all – every single one we ask donated money or time and talent and God provided us with a new building with multiple classrooms without borrowing any money. Listening to people talk about how God provided everything we needed was especially encouraging because many people saw God at work. It also was a great project that people pitched in and got to help build, which was a good bonding time for new relationships as well.

Afterwards we brought pictures to the business owners who had donated, pictures of a bunch of smiling kids in their new classrooms. We also framed one to hang in the building as a reminder of how much God values kids, so much that He provide all of the resources easily and quickly.