Hugo Vasquez’s story is soaked in prayer and fueled by the question

Hugo Vasquez’s story is soaked in prayer and fueled by the question,

“Lord, what is the next step?”

Beechwood Church in Holland, Michigan prayed for a church planter for two years before finding Hugo in south Texas. Their initial invitation to him was not to move, but to pray. After a month of prayer, they asked him to come to Michigan to start a church.

While working towards his first church plant, he went through the Commissioned Pastor program with the Church Leadership Center to get his credentials to preach and administer the sacraments. Since he didn’t come from a formal church tradition, he appreciated how the program was designed for each student: “They made it according to my needs, in particular, to learn the church tradition and structure and order.” His favorite class was on church history: “I love history. I love to see how the heritage is affecting us today.”

Hugo also appreciated how the blend of classes and mentorships fit into his life. “Leaders – we have a family and we want to serve the Lord.” He felt that the program understood that, even while it “did a good job of equipping, mentoring, helping us to navigate the system.” He summed up his education simply:

“It’s a blessing.”

One year after moving here, Hugo planted a church in Holland. Two years after that, another church in Wyoming. Two years after that, a church in Allendale. And then, two years later, a church in Grand Rapids. His response to the writer’s amazement:

God has been so faithful.”

The Holland church recently paid off its building and organized officially with the RCA. Although he’s used to the heat of south Texas, he braves Michigan’s winter weekly in February and March for Hot Fridays, his church’s ministry of giving out coffee and donuts to the community.

It’s been just two years since the last church was planted, and Hugo is praying again, asking the Lord, “What is the next step?” We can’t wait to see what God has in store for him.