Elder and Deacon Training


At Church Leadership Center (CLC) we know the need for bringing new Elders and Deacons up to date with leadership matters, and getting the whole Consistory or Council team pulling together toward current and future ministry developments. Most of us who shape CLC, and teach as Facilitators of our courses, are or have been pastors in congregations like yours. We are committed to assisting congregations in raising up and training leaders for Jesus’ ministry. One service we provide is that of leading Consistory or Council Retreats, and Congregational Leadership Team Visioning Retreats. Many pastors and congregations have found these very helpful in getting newly appointed elders, deacons and staff on board more quickly with the current leadership responsibilities, expectations, and in-process ministry developments. We do not come in as experts who tell others what to do; rather, we provide proven methods of getting all participants on the same page, clarifying expectations, reviewing the health of current ministry activities, and identifying key next steps in ministry development.

  • Reflection

    A time of engaged reflection on what is best about this ministry, and what is working well.

  • Dialog

    A dialogue about challenges to current ministries, and how these might be addressed.

  • Instruction

    Several times of short teachings, including ministry leadership tools and models, that stimulate thinking, prayer, and planning.

  • Assessment

    A time of focused ministry assessment, leading to the identification of most important areas requiring leadership attention.

  • Prayer

    A time of group prayer for Jesus’ direction and blessing in and on and over this ministry

  • Identification

    A strategic session leading to the identification and adoption of 2-4 specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timed (S.M.A.R.T.) goals that are connected to direct leadership oversight and resource allocation over the next six to eighteen months.

Our process (for which we provide full leadership, but work with pastors and key leaders to keep focus and ministry insights local) involves:We find that a 6-8 hour time frame (usually in two segments, such as a Friday night and Saturday morning, or a Saturday morning and a Saturday afternoon, or two evenings, or a Saturday morning and a Sunday afternoon) generally works best for this process.

Some leadership teams prefer a shorter event, and we can manage most of these things in an abbreviated manner in a single 3.5-4.5 hour session.

If you find this Leadership Training ministry beneficial for your congregational leadership team, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you, and scheduling an event with your Consistory, Council, or complete leadership team (both volunteer and staff) soon.

“Dr. Wayne Brouwer guided our Council through a process of restructuring which ten years later is still in place. I appreciated Wayne’s ability to carefully and with sensitivity, purposefully steer the process toward a model of governance which everyone could embrace.”Scott Greenway