pastor chan

Chan Sythavongsa-I was called to minister to the hurting world that needs Christ and to pastor the church.

I was called to minister to the hurting world that needs Christ and to pastor the church.

Chan Shares His Story

On July 24, 1980, my family and I arrived in the USA in the city of Santa Rosa, California and then moved down to Merced. There, my family was converted from Buddhism to join a Mormon Church. I never knew or had a relationship with Jesus Christ. I didn’t want anything to do with Jesus, because I thought He was an American religion and I am a Buddhist. Not until I moved to Southern California in Santa Ana and Riverside, in the summer of 1988. There, I was invited to attend the Lao Vientiane CRC by my friend. “There are a lot of girls” he said, so I went because I was looking for girls.

When I first walked in the Church my whole body was shaking. I spoke to myself, why? What is happening to me? Am I a really big sinner and have many evil spirits in me?
So, I just went in and sat down, and later the Pastor stood up to preach. When the Pastor was preaching I didn’t really pay attention, because I didn’t understand, so I was just looking around searching for girls, after a while, I looked at the Pastor’s face while he was preaching and the word of God touched my life. I felt something like electricity hit my head and run down to my heart, then my tears came out and I felt a peace that I’ve never experienced before. I got the answer to my question that I once asked myself, who created this whole universe, the sun, stars, plants and all of its creatures? Then I knew that God was the One who created the whole universe. And I knew right away that Jesus was not an American religion. He is God the Messiah that the world is searching for. He is the answer to people’s problems, the hope of the world and He is my peace.

After that, I gave my life to Christ.

I eagerly wanted to know Him more and more. I wanted to read the word; I wanted to sing praises and I wanted to serve. At that time I was 20 years old. I wasn’t able to read Lao or English but by faith and believing that God is God of every language, I prayed and asked God to bless me with both languages. The Holy Spirit led me to read His word and He opened my eyes and a miracle happened, instantly I was able to read the Lao Bible.

Not too long from then, I had met my wife and got married. We both were called to serve in varieties of positions in the church to build and to expand God’s Kingdom. My wife and I, we are willing to listen and do whatever Jesus Christ calls us to do, because we know who he is.

He is our Lord and Savior!