The Commissioned Pastor pathway of CLC exists to come alongside individuals within the local church who are seeking to grow as leaders in their congregation while also being recognized by their denomination as having been properly equipped for their call.

If you find yourself ready to jump in, we first invite you to spend a few minutes exploring our Commissioned Pastor Candidate Process and Finances.

Let us introduce you to some past or present CLC participants.

Bi-vocational ministry will be the future of the church.

Corey Buchanan is the Associate Director of Chicagoland Prison Outreach (CPO), as well as the Director of Mercy and Justice Ministries with First Reformed Church of South Holland – and has no plans to drop either of those roles.   He says, “I hope I can always be bi-vocational and be in a place where…


Shelby Goss

“My motivation is that I am now involved in a Missional Community and a part of the shared leadership. I want to be better equipped to do this well. My vision is that I will grow in confidence and knowledge to be there for women who want to learn more about Jesus. I think as…


John Fiscus

I am convinced that I am called to be a pastor. It is my greatest passion to lead others to Christ! I feel like many churches have lost focus, have forgot that the church is a hospital for sinners and not a county club for the saved! Many treat the church like its the destination…



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The Ten Competencies of a Commissioned Pastor

Understanding of and adherence to pastoral ethics and practices

Demonstrate understanding, skill and compassion in caring for persons and congregations. The candidate shall give evidence of appropriate care and empathy toward persons in various crises. show a grasp of the challenges and opportunities emerging in the various stages of life. exhibit an understanding of the psychological and social forces that shape human behavior. demonstrate…


Capability to minister within the church

Demonstrate the understanding and skill required to lead the people of God in faithfulness to their mission, including the areas of discipleship, evangelism, and leadership. The candidate shall give evidence of an understanding of approaches to discipleship and capacity discipling individuals toward multiplication and maturity of faith in Christ. demonstrate, either through personal experience or…


Maturity of faith

Demonstrate a mature personal faith in the Triune God The candidate by word and deed shall express an abiding and growing faith in, and love for Jesus Christ. demonstrate an appropriate awareness of and sensitivity to the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit in Scripture, in the Christian community, and in personal experience. give…


Personal integrity and call

Demonstrate a life worthy of the gospel, a sense of call to be a Commissioned Pastor, an understanding of that ministry in the Reformed tradition, and a commitment to its responsibilities. The candidate shall demonstrate servanthood, measured by growth in God’s grace, as well as evidence of a fruitful ministry. understand the expectations, boundaries, and…


Understanding of the Old and New Testaments and biblical interpretation

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Scripture, commitment to its authority as the Word of God, and insight in its interpretation. The candidate shall articulate an understanding of biblical authority consistent with the doctrinal Standards of the RCA. exhibit a general knowledge of the content of the 66 books and specific knowledge of key biblical…


Reformed theology and tradition

Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of and commitment to Reformed doctrine, government and worship. The candidate shall demonstrate an understanding of the doctrines of the church and how they have emerged over time in the context of the church’s interaction with culture. show an awareness of and commitment to a Reformed creedal and confessional understanding of…


Church history

Demonstrate a working knowledge of the history and teachings of the Christian church, including her government and worship. The candidate shall be familiar with the major persons, movements, and historical events in the history of the church. Special emphasis is to be given to the Apostolic, Patristic, Reformation, and Modern periods of the church. articulate…


Government, Standards and Liturgy

Demonstrate a functional understanding and adherence to the government, Standards, and liturgy of the Reformed Church in America. The candidate shall demonstrate an understanding of and appropriate adherence to the RCA confessions (Apostles’ Creed, Nicene, Creed, Athanasian Creed, Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Catechism, Canons of Dort, and Belhar Confession), Book of Church Order, and Liturgy. articulate…


Nature and administration of the sacraments

Demonstrate understanding and skill for the administration of the sacraments that is theologically Reformed and contextually relevant. The candidate shall show knowledge of distinctive elements of the Reformed theological tradition, including its theology and administration of sacraments. demonstrate a commitment to an appropriately Reformed practice of infant and adult baptism and the Lord’s Supper. understand…


Ability to preach

Demonstrate understanding and skill to lead worship and preach the gospel. The candidate shall demonstrate the ability to preach and teach the whole of Scripture in the power of the Holy Spirit, with clarity, winsomeness, and passion. demonstrate an approach to preaching and teaching that evangelizes and nurtures. demonstrate a practice of worship and use…