There are 3 portions to the application process.




The first portion requires you to offer Personal/Family Information and Church Information. You can expect this to take roughly 5-10 minutes. There is a $50 application fee at the end of THIS form. You will need your credit card information on hand.


The second portion requires you to offer Employment History/Work Experience and Church/Ministry Experience. You can expect this to take roughly 15 minutes.


The third portion requires you to offer your Life Story and Spiritual Journey. You can expect this to take roughly 30 minutes.


It is important for you to note that each portion of the application form does NOT have a “save for later” feature. We highly recommend that you write your responses elsewhere (e.g. Word) and then copy and paste it into the appropriate fields – it will ensure that you don’t lose the content in the event your connection fails.

In addition, there are three related forms you need to have fill out.  First, please send the Personal Reference Form to three people who know you well, and have them send the form back to us.  When that is completed, you will have your consistory complete the Consistory Recommendation Form, followed by the Classis completing its endorsement form.

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