Pastoral Care and Counseling

Basic skills for providing pastoral care and referral are taught. Application is made to premarital, family, crisis, grief, and substance abuse counseling with emphasis on developing psychologically-grounded strategies and applying scriptural principles. Participation includes experiential involvement in an assigned ministry area.

Work load: 5 CEUs (50 hours)

Time frame: 4 months

Church History

The participant will review Church History using an approved syllabus and related textbook with the guidance of a facilitator. He or she writes an eight page paper or develops eight pages of notes about major doctrines, themes, and individuals as described in Introduction to the History of Christianity (Dowley), one page for each of the…

Theology 1 and 2

Theology is the study of the nature of God and of religious things. The course provides an overview of the topics of theology, Reformed theology, Scripture, God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, humankind: sin, salvation, and service; the church, last, things, and several points of distinctive emphasis. References to creeds and confessions are made. The…